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June 30, 2022   /   NEWS

Summary of June



We publish continuously on our Swedish blog with many posts a week, including digital news and here is a summary of these posts! Come along!


Google launches new interview tool

Google wants to help job candidates maximize their career opportunities through a new tool that enables people to take apparent job interview questions, in order to improve their interview performance for the actual application process. Google’s team has developed a new system that allows users to talk to an automated interviewer and then review their answers.


Meta develops a new “Basic Ads” for Facebook

According to information, Meta is now developing a new privacy-friendly way to advertise on Facebook. This method would use much less of the user data for the targeting of the ads.

It would theoretically mean that your ad performance and reach would be in proportion to how much engagement it generates. Create a good ad and your exposure cost would decrease, as user interaction would help increase the reach of the algorithm. In other words, “Basic Ads” should be a cheaper proposal for ads on Facebook.


Youtube reports that 1.5 billion use Youtube Shorts

Youtube has now revealed a new statistic about the growing popularity of Youtube Shorts that was originally designed to dilute the difference between the two apps and prevent YouTube users from getting away to the trendy platform. This is a huge number when you consider that YouTube’s total monthly “logged in” audience is 2 billion.

This means that about 75% of youtube users engage in Shorts in some form, which is a great confidence in Youtube’s approach to averting competition from TikTok.

Summary of June

Meta adds more options for creating Reels

As the trend of short videos gets bigger and bigger, Meta continues to add more alternatives to making Reels on Instagram. Now you can remix content to Reels from your Instagram, while also adding the ability to create Reels from your existing videos in Creator Studio. Remix for photos allows users to create Reels based on your feed. This also means that people can reuse your content as a template, however they want, but you can also turn off the option in your settings if you prefer it not.


Twitter makes “Branded Likes” available to advertisers

Twitter has announced that it will launch its Branded Likes advertising option for all advertisers starting this week, which will allow brands to create custom Like animations for their tweets to improve engagement in the app. This means that people can “dislike” and “like” a tweet. This can help increase your engagement on twitter.


TikTok updates the advertising policy for younger users

TikTok has agreed to change its brand content policies to ensure greater transparency, in line with EU rules, which will also ensure that they implement new rules on the marketing of alcohol, cigarettes and “get rich quick” in the app . The updates come as a result of an investigation into alleged violations of EU consumer rules, where TikTok has been shown not to fulfill its obligation to protect children from hidden advertising and inappropriate content.

The changes, as mentioned, will include improved ad identification to ensure transparency, as well as better explanations of the process of purchasing and using virtual currency in the app.


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We publish continuously on our Swedish blog with many posts a week, including digital news and here is a summary of these posts! Come along!

Summary of June