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Application Development

Increase your business efficiency and profitability with customized applications for your business with application development. Our process is well thought out and creates productivity. It is the constant distillation of ideas with the goal of saying the most with the least possible, and being able to communicate something complex in a simple way. This means and hence includes research, strategies, creative conceptualization, design and advanced web and application development.

Customized application development gives you a competitive advantage

Investing in custom application development gives you an edge over your competitors. By building customized solutions that are adapted to your business needs and your target audience, you can create a unique user experience and differentiate yourself from the competition. Custom applications can also improve efficiency and productivity within your business, which can increase your competitiveness in the market. Additionally, custom application development can help create a stronger customer relationship by providing better customer service and engaging user experiences. We have experience and expertise in various web-based solutions that are built on PHP (Laravel), a popular php framework, as well as apps that are based on React Native for iOS and Android.

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The benefits of using React Native to build apps:

  • It is used in many of the leading modern apps like Facebook and TikTok, making it a trusted framework.
  • Efficient coding saves time and reduces project costs.
  • React Native reduces development and maintenance costs by requiring only one codebase for both iOS and Android.
  • You can add a native Java code where you need it, as React Native is a wrapper for native components.
  • React Native constantly evolving and increasing it´s market share, new technology and knowledge is constantly coming.

What is Application Development?

Application development, also called software development, is a process that involves identifying business needs, designing, prototyping, coding, testing, and continuously improving the software. A productive application development environment enables a company to adapt through continuous architecture, process improvement and innovation. It results in a consistent return that justifies investment in IT. If you can automate a process, you must in many cases review and implement it into an internal service, solution or platform.

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Guide: Develop your own application

Developing your own application can appear both difficult and intimidating. A common reason for this is that the final product is not fully known and the path to get there is perceived as crooked and unclear.

In this guide, important parts of this process are described in an overall way, with the hope that it will feel a little less intimidating.


Design phase

The design phase focuses on the design of the application’s interface and functionality. Here, it is also decided which technologies and platforms are to be used. In the implementation, the actual code for the application is then written, which means that all functions and properties are implemented according to the design plan

Development phase

The development phase is an important part of creating an application and includes several steps. During the development phase, the application itself is created from scratch and the software is written and tested to ensure that it works as it should. The development phase is a critical part of the application development process, as it is responsible for creating the application itself and ensuring that it functions correctly. An efficient development phase can contribute to a high-quality and user-friendly application that meets the company’s needs and goals

Implementation phase

When these steps are done, the next step is the implementation phase, this means that you implement what was in the previous steps and the product comes out for visitors and users to use.

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