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Helsingborg Design LAB with ambitions to become one of Swedens leading web & software development agencies working with high-end businesses and agencies.

See some of the projects we have worked on. We are currently working on a new way to display all our projects. Stay tuned for a update during Q1 & Q2 2022:

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Helsingborg Development is an award winning digital development agency

We are here to offset the normal and innovate to make a difference

What we offer

From up-and-comers to industry vets, we enjoy working with the people behind the brands, companies & projects. Collaborating to bring the best out of both teams.

Why you should work with Helsingborg Design LAB?

Why should you work with Helsingborg Design LAB, that might be the question. We offer dedicated services for you as a client. You are not just one client in our bag of clients. We assign the right resources that dedicate time and effort on your project and are always available. Is it a bug fix, short deadline. We are here to help you!

If your project is time-sensitive or has a lowish budget? Don’t worry we can together scope the project to fit your budget and offer you a fantastic project

With our technically advanced project manager and success team, we will push our boundary to offer you the right feel and touch whether it is a Website, System, Application or design

Working with Helsingborg Design LAB is easy, exciting and gives you as the client a win-win opportunity!

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