Stonebeach new design & Identity - Helsingborg Design LAB

Transforming the Brand of Stonebeach with Helsingborg Design LAB


Challenge: Stonebeach, a leading security company, wanted to modernize its brand and identity to better align with its current organizational structure, while still retaining the essence of its original brand.

Solution: The design experts at Helsingborg Design LAB were called upon to breathe new life into the Stonebeach brand. The team conducted a thorough analysis of the company's brand identity, website functionality, and target audience, to determine the best way to approach the project.

Results: The new and improved website, designed and developed by Helsingborg Design LAB, perfectly captures the spirit and essence of the Stonebeach brand, while also providing a sleek and user-friendly interface for visitors. The website's improved functionality makes it easier for customers to interact with the company and learn about its products and services.

Conclusion: With the help of Helsingborg Design LAB, Stonebeach was able to revitalize its brand and take its place as a leader in the security industry. The company's modern and engaging website not only showcases its products and services, but also provides a positive experience for visitors and enhances the overall perception of the brand.