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Laravel Development

The PHP framework for web artisans and we use it every day!

Laravel is a power-packed PHP web development framework. At Helsingborg Design LAB we use it to rapidly build production-quality web applications and services that are well structured, easy to maintain, robust under pressure and secure. Helsingborg Design LAB has during the years worked and experienced a wide range of different web frameworks, but still today Laravel is the one that gets our team most excited. Not to mention; we have build all of our in-house SAAS applications ontop of Laravel.

Laravel - A platform for expansion

Laravel is not just for websites, we use Laravel to build business applications and platforms, order management software, high performant e-commerce solutions, order management system, service platforms, App backend, hosting postals adnd much more. It’s also a great framework to kickstart the smallest project with potential to the largest platform that can managed hundreds of thousands of requests.

Laravel has a large community of developers globaly and they are making it a safe choice for your next project. It is the fastest growing PHP framework and supported by an ecosystem that includes conferences, online training, server management, online deployments and a SaaS starter kit.

We have a portfolio of projects built on the Laravel PHP framework that you can find on the bottom of this page and we would be happy and super excited to discuss your next idea.

Why should you use Laravel for development

Apart from it being highly popular, there are many reasons why your website should be built in Laravel, such as:

It’s very efficient: Laravel is known for being a fuss-free approach to development, as many of the widely used features and tools are already integrated into the framework. This saves a lot of time (and cost) in the development process.

Any app on Laravel can easily be scaled with the right help from our developers: The clean and simple code makes Laravel websites easy to expand and develop on in the future. If your website project requires a wide range of complex functionalities and features, then Laravel is most definitely the framework for you.

Security in Laravel?

Compared to some other development frameworks, your data will be safer from cyber-attacks and malware activity when using Laravel. Our team is highly experienced with building secure systems for regulataed and non regulated business approaches.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP web development frameworks. Owed to its versatility and ease of use, PHP is a popular choice for web developers and companies globally. The recent trend in website development is to create sites which are structurally complex. And complexity takes time.

However, with the help of the Laravel framework (which uses PHP), this process can be made much simpler and faster. For this reason, professional web developers love Laravel because of its performance, features and scalability. No matter which project our team is working on, Laravel can be easily personalised for big or small development projects.

Ready to start a project?

We would like to hear all about your ideas, challenges and visions. Contact us a none of our project owners and founders will get back to you directly for a digital or in-person meeting.

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