Sail Racing International AB cooperates with Helsingborg Design LAB

Sail Racing's Success Story with HDL Commerce and Helsingborg Design LAB

Project:Sail Racing International AB

Sail Racing, a premium brand specializing in sailing gear, was facing several challenges with their existing e-commerce platform, Jetshop. The platform was outdated and lacked the features necessary to support the company's growth plans. After a thorough procurement process, Sail Racing chose to work with Helsingborg Design LAB (HDL) and their composable commerce platform, HDL Commerce.

The goal was to develop a fully customized platform that met all of Sail Racing's specific needs and requirements. The e-commerce manager and the HDL team worked together over a two-year development sprint, starting from the design phase and working through several iterations to ensure that the final product met Sail Racing's expectations. The design phase involved a close collaboration between Sail Racing and the HDL team, with the goal of improving on the old site design and meeting all of Sail Racing's specific needs.

The development process was intensive and involved several rounds of testing and feedback, but the end result was well worth the effort. In June 2022, Sail Racing launched their new website, built on the HDL Commerce platform. The new website has so far seen a positive increase in sales, and the project has been deemed a resounding success.

The choice to move to the HDL Commerce composable commerce platform was a wise one for Sail Racing. Composable commerce allows for a more flexible and scalable e-commerce solution, enabling Sail Racing to quickly and easily add new features and functionalities as needed. Furthermore, the close collaboration between Sail Racing and the HDL team has ensured that the platform meets all of the company's needs and supports their growth plans for the future.

Going forward, Sail Racing and HDL will continue to work together to push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital commerce world. With the success of this project, Sail Racing is poised to take their e-commerce efforts to the next level and reach new heights in their industry.

Comments from Christoffer Iveslätt, Head of E-Commerce

Sail Racing International AB trusted HDL Commerce and Helsingborg Design LAB to bring our vision for a new, future-proof and international e-commerce platform to life. With clear requirements for integrations, country management, products, and a complex channel structure, we saw that the HDL Commerce was up for the challenge.

The result was nothing short of extraordinary. The team created an advanced ERP integration, ensured support for the new OSS EU regulations, and provided a multi-channel structure for global sales. Meanwhile, Helsingborg Design Lab crafted a stunning and innovative design that prioritized conversion, fast loading times, and seamless integrations with Adyen and Klarna.

In August 2022, Sail Racing's new website was launched, showcasing the expertise and commitment of the HDL Commerce and Helsingborg Design LAB teams.

Christoffer Iveslätt,
Head of E-Commerce
Sail Racing International AB

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