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May 3, 2022   /   NEWS

Summary of April

Summary of April

Just like last month, we will make a summary of April of what we published on our Swedish blog! Here you can read about a little different news and updates in social media, such as Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase, new tools for Reels on Instagram and about the app BeReal. 

Summary of April

Meta announces a new “Conversation Business Messaging Event”

Meta has released “Conversations” which is a conversation conference where they will showcase their latest innovations and upcoming upgrades for their messaging platforms. The Conversation Conference will showcase new product upgrades, along with deep technical development for developers, feature demonstrations, panels and more. If you’re lucky, maybe you can even get a performance by Zuckerberg yourself! 

Instagram updates the editing tools for Reels

Recently Instagram updated the editing tools for Reels to make it easier to trim you videos. The new editing flow allows you to more easily edit each clip by tapping the thumbnail and cutting down the specific segment you want to trim. Then you can also rearrange each of the clips in the new “Re-order Mode”, which simplifies the entire editing process.  

NFT comes to Facebook and Instagram

In the middle of fraud and other malicious activity, it seems that some of the air has been drained from the NFT hype bubble, as more people want to take a step back from investing in digital art images. But despite this, many still see NFTs as the future, with the pervasive perception among proponents that we are simply too early in the process. 

It seems that Facebook will try to facilitate dedicated NFT-community and be more of an home destination for some proprietors and their discussions. Right now most NFT communities are on Discord, where white listening and other elements take place. But perhaps Facebook can become the new home base for such, and preferably take some of that commitment back to it’s apps, with more dedicated, integrated NFT discussions and community features that, in line with Facebook’s scale, could be an attractive attraction for NFT project. 

Instagram has removed InStream ads from it’s advertising alternatives 

Instagram has now taken a further step towards its next development, where advertising partners are now informed that placement of in-stream video ads is no longer available as an option in the apps. Meta lets advertisers know that it can no longer use Instagram in-stream spots, but that they can use Reels placement as an alternative to video ads on Instagram. 

The social app BeReal is gaining momentum 

The trendy BeReal app is rising fast in the download lists and is currently at 315% already this year. The app focuses on real and authentic connection, an unedited view of social sharing, designed to help people take a step away from the over-cured flows of other apps. 

BeReal means that users are asked once a day yo share a picture of what they are doing and they have 2 minutes to share their answer. The app takes photos using the front and back camera so you not only see that the person is doing but also where they are and the time limit limits your ability to stage and edit photos. 

Pinterest announces new partnership with WooCommerce

Pinterest has announced a new partnership with the e-commerce platform WooCommerce that will enable WooCommerce 3.6 million wholesalers to convert their product catalogs to Shoppable Pins on Pinterest. WooCommerce is primarily an e-commerce plugin for WordPress, which enables WordPress users to add a product presentation to their website. Now they will also be able to post the same item on Pinterest, which expands their opportunities for exposure and sales. 

Elon Musk buys Twitter 

On Monday night, Twitter announced in a press release that they have accepted Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company for $44 billion. The announcement means that the company will disappear from the stock exchange and become completely privately owned by Musk. 

Musk further says that Twitter has an “enormous potential” and that he wants to make the plattform better than ever by, among other things, adding new features, removing spam accounts and making the site’s source code open. These are the three key pillars of Musk’s Twitter push, or at least the ones we know so far, and it seems that these will be the focus of his platform leadership.


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Summary of April