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April 8, 2022   /   NEWS

March Recap

March recap

Every month we’ll do a recap of our Swedish blog, here on English. So we’ll start on the March Recap with digital news, Instagram reels, and why SEO are so important on your website. 

march recap

Digital News

There has been some talk about Metaversen and what it is. When talking about the next step of digital connection and a theoretical digital world where everything is possible at any time, the truth is that we are not even close to this being a real reality. Many companies present themselves as “Metaverse ready”, but in reality there is no Meters to be ready for.


Instagram has launched a new tag, which allows creators to tag employees and influences in their photo, based on their participation, as opposed to a basic username or product with their self-proclaimed profile category displayed in the tag itself. Instagrams updated tags aim to address the failure of not giving enough credit, allowing a creator’s self-proclaimed profile category on their professional accounts to appear in their people tag, allowing people to share and see a creator’s specifik contribution to a photo or video post.


Youtube has previewed some upcoming updates for Youtube Live. Such as livestream guests, new notifications for when a channel broadcasts live in the app and updated viewing options. Like other live options, Youtube will soon launch a pilot of what is called “Go Live Together” that allows creators to invite a guest to their livestream by simply sending the person a link. The increased ability to go live with a guest can reduce the pressure on a solo creator, as it can be daunting for some to go live when it’s just you.


A few weeks ago, Twitter launched keyword search in DM, which gives people the opportunity to find specific mentions, track previous conversations, find products and people mentioned and even links that are shared. This will make it much easier to scan through your DMs and it vill also provide more functionality to use the DM in a borader way, especially for customer service and finding previous answers and commitments.


Instagram Reels for business 

Reels are an effective way for you to market your brand and reach new people, while engaging your existing target audience in an easy way. Here you can have the opportunity to become part of the everyday flow of the people you most want to reach. You can show your company’s knowledge and expertise throughout the customer journey in the same Reel. This can generate to be top of mind with the target group and thus create greater trust with potential customers.


4 reels for business to do:

  • Introduce the employees of the company
  • Show a day at the office
  • Highlight what you are best at
  • Show a customer journey from start to finish


Why is it so important with SEO? 

Nearly 80% of consumers do research online before buying something and almost 70% click on a link found on the first page of search engines. This means that you have a greater chance of getting a click and increase your sales if you are high on the ranking.

Getting sharp on SEO does not cost, it costs your time as SEO is something you can do yourself. There are several different studies that shows that organic clicks on your site generate more revenue than paid clicks. There are great beginner videos and posts that show exactly how you can get started with SEO on your site, but in the end it’s important to test yourself a bit with different keywords and so on.


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March Recap