Wordpress Specialist Nabin - Helsingborg Design LAB
May 30, 2022   /   TEAM

HDL’s WordPress Specialist Nabin


It’s time to present our WordPress Specialist Nabin Karki! He mainly works with developing and fixing updates on the web. Read the full interview with him below!

Wordpress Specialist Nabin

Hey Nabin! What’s your titel here at Helsingborg Design LAB and what is your main tasks? 

Hi! I work as an WordPress Specialist and that menas that I specialize in the infrastructure and the ecosystem of the WordPress platform. I focus a lot on improving and creating new products, including themes and plugins for the web. I also create sitemaps or wireframes for a website, migrate an existing website to the WordPress platform or redesign it to optimize its SEO and conversion rate.

So, my main tasks here at HDL is to develop, fix the websites and update the web application.


Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you and what do you do on your free time? 

I’m a full time developer and I spend a lot of time studying and learning new things all over the world. There is always new things to learn and i like to learn a lot about everything. I also travel a lot during the weeks and I explore new places all the time. I like to hang out with my family and have some quality time with them!

How does a normal working day look like for you as an WordPress Specialist? 

We have so many different projects going on all the time, no two days are the same, there are a lot of projects but nothing is the same. So on a working day for me it can look like I am coding and developing a new website, making changes to an existing page, adding or removing functions and checking for problems if there are any.


Let’s do three quick questions with our WordPress Specialist Nabin!





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HDL’s WordPress Specialist Nabin