HDL's founder Pierre Gronberg - Helsingborg Design LAB
September 6, 2022   /   TEAM

HDL’s founder Pierre Gronberg

Let us present HDL’s founder Pierre Gronberg!
Pierre established Helsingborg Design LAB 2017 and have since then worked as a jack of all trades here at HDL.

HDL's founder Pierre Gronberg

Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Pierre Gronberg? 

Where should I start? I’m a person who loves to start new, build and expand in the tech world where my ultimate mission is to make the digital world all more enjoyable with design and technology. It can be anything from a standard small website to technical cybersecurity solutions that help individuals keep their information in secure storage.

I usually see myself as a visionary and like to poke at things that many don’t feel confident in doing. I usually look at existing services, products and try to find errors in solutions to find opportunities to improve and innovate, which usually leads to me getting some “crazy ideas” which at the time of writing have led me to start a number of different companies the recent year.

I’m a laid-back and chill person who tries to live life to the absolute max. In my free time I mostly get stuck in word, which I love, bit in addition I spend time with my family and try to get out into nature as much as possible. I love cycling and being out at the sea, I don’t like sunbathe but I feel good where it’s hot but not too hot. I like it best in an International culture and strive for an official Mr. World-wide status. And I’m a 100% Formula 1 nerd!


What can a normal working day look like for you?

My days are like throwing ping-pong balls in a box and shaking around. I do everything and sometimes nothing. Some days I have more to do than there are hours in the day and some days you sit and wonder where everything went. I work very close to my team and developers and I try to anticipate problems before it becomes a problem.

I also focus on expansion while constantly reconciling with everyone involved, such as new customers and existing ones, and so on. We also have a number of different own projects which also needs some love so I jump between companies and projects and supporting the team where it’s needed.


Three quick questions with HDL’s founder Pierre Gronberg!

Stay home/a night out? – Stay at home, but sometimes a spontaneous night out is really nice!
Sun holiday/skiing holiday? – Sun holiday!
Movie/series? – Movie, series are way too dangerous. I simply can’t stop looking..


If you want to get in touch with pierre, you do it easiest here!

HDL’s founder Pierre Gronberg