HDL’s Senior Software Engineer Rakesh

It’s a new week and we’re working on a new presentation of our employees! This week we will get to know Rakesh a little more. What is his title here at Helsingborg Design LAB and what does a typical working day look like for him?

HDL's Senior Software Engineer Rakesh

Hi Rakesh! Tell us a little about yourself, who are you and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Hey! I am a person who believes that knowledge is everything and that it should be passed on to another. I have found myself learning new technologies and stacks for personal and team and project development.


What is your title here at Helsingborg Design LAB and what are your main tasks?

I work as a Senior Software Engineer here at HDL and my main tasks are managing frontend engineers, creating POCs, designing workflows, full stack development, research and development (RND) and code review.


What does a typical working day look like for you as HDL’s Senior Software Engineer?

Normally I work from the office. First, I check my messages and project management to see if any important tasks other than the sprint have come up. Interacting with my senior to get reports from previous working days. Then every day I discuss what my team and I will work on that day. Then I start working on my high-priority task and contact my colleagues if they need help and code review. At the end of my office hours, I validate my code changes, send it to the version control system, and plan for the next day. I think you should always strive to learn new things, for me it’s a technical stack so I practice new libraries and technologies. Finally, I end the day with some DSA problems and a drink to cool off with!


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