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August 19, 2022   /   TEAM

HDL’s Software Engineer Mohamad

HDL’s Software Engineer Mohamad

Welcome back to Helsingborg Design LAB’s blog. Today we’re going to get to know Mohamad a little more, he works as a Software Engineer here at HDL!

Hi Mohamad! Tell us a little about yourself, who are you and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Hey! My name is Mohamad and apart from my work I love watching inspirational biographical films. Also, I love doing yoga and playing badminton. I prefer to have a small circle of good friends than to have a large circle of bad friends. I love to explore places that provide good knowledge and most importantly I love to share my experiences that can help others in many ways!


What is your title here at Helsingborg Design LAB and what are your main tasks?

I work as a Software Engineer here at Helsingborg Design LAB and my main tasks are API development. API is a set of instructions that ensure that different programs can communicate with each other. For example, it helps make it easier to develop new programs.


What does a normal working day look like for you as HDL’s Software Engineer?

Generally speaking, my normal working day is full of tasks and team meetings. Working, learning, activities, sharing things with my team members also happens throughout the day.


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HDL’s Software Engineer Mohamad