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May 12, 2022   /   TEAM

HDL’s React Developer Rodin


Let us present HDL’s React Developer Rodin! His main tasks is designing and implementing user-friendly functions for websites and applications. Everyday looks different for HDL’s React Developer Rodin, so keep reading the interview to read more about his work!

HDL's React Developer Rodin


Hey Rodin! What’s your titel here at HDL and what is your main tasks? 

My titel here at HDL is React Developer, which means that I design and implement user-friendly functions for websites and applications by using React.js. My main tasks are Scrum, which in short is a methodology for system development that is used all over the world. An advantage of Scrum is the focus on business benefits and the opportunity to change the project in a structured way. In Scrum, there is not a classic requirements specification, but instead you have a backlog, which is a prioritized and living list of wishes.

So in other words, I have responsibility for our Scrum and decide what is prioritized to do and which projects we should focus more on, depending on deadlines.


How does a normal working day look like for you as an React Developer here at HDL? 

It depends, no day is the other alike. Sometimes there is very much to do which is fun and other days is more calm and not so much to do. But on a normal day, I go through our projects and check what needs to be done and set priorities for our team on the things that need to be prioritized.


Tell us a little about yourself, who are you and what do you do on your free time? 

I’m a very creative person who likes to explore different things. I’m also a quick learner and likes to learn new stuff all the time to develop. On my free time I like to play games!


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HDL’s React Developer Rodin