HDL's Project Coordinator Emelie - Helsingborg Design LAB
May 6, 2022   /   TEAM

HDL’s Project Coordinator Emelie


Let us present our latest addition, HDL’s Project Coordinator Emelie!  She started here this week and now you will get to know here as well. Come along!

HDL's Project Coordinator Emelie

Hey Emelie and welcome to us at HDL! How does it feel this far? 

It feels great! Fantastic colleagues, exciting projects and the sea outside the window. There is nothing to complain about! 😀


What’s your title here at HDL and what does your tasks look like?

I’m an Project Coordinator and is responsible for driving our projects forward so that we get satisfied customers. This means that I have a daily contact with our developers where we agree on how the project is going and what is needed to move on. There is also a lot of conversations with our wonderful customers and quickly picks up wishes from them. There is a lot of rolling at the same time and that bit fits me lika a glove!


Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Emelie and what do you do on your free time? 

Big question! I’m born and raised in Helsingborg and have lived in Barcelona for some years where I both worked and studied. Right now I’m finishing my Master in Business and Economics in Halmstad. Something that has followed me my whole life is that I often have a lot of things to do at the same time and is driven by tempo. Organising everything from travel to other projects often becomes a hat I have to wear. I’m very easy to get involved in new things as I love to try new things, I’ve tried everything from Line Dance to Karate and listen to everything from Indie to Bunker Techno, so I’m a very diversified person. If I see something that can be improved, I don’t wait for someone else to do it, but jump on it immediately and have therefore learned a little about a lot. I’m also a person who can stretch watch series until I’m ashamed. My days are otherwise spent with my son and friends there, weather permitting, preferably outdoors. I’m a real food lover with the notorious extra space for dessert!


3 quick questions with HDL’s Project Coordinator Emelie:


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HDL’s Project Coordinator Emelie