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May 19, 2022   /   TEAM

HDL’s Internal Project Manager Rabi


We continue with our presentations of our employees! Here we have Rabi, he works as an Internal Project Manager here at Helsingborg Design LAB.

Internal Project Manager Rabi

Hey Rabi! What’s your titel here at HDL? 

I work as an Internal Project Manager here at Helsingborg Design LAB and that means that i have experience in the industry and know the standard processes. As a Project Manager, I’m responsible for planning, organizing and directing the completion of specific projects. At the same time, i ensure that the projects are in phase. In short, I lead our team with our internal projects and test and complete the projects at the end.


Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you and what do you do on your free time? 

Iäm a real freedom lover who loves to be out in the nature and feel free. I’m also a big astrophile, which means that i love stars and the galaxy. Stars and astronomy are something i can study for hours. I’m also very interested in different work of art, it can be anything from a painting to an art product, all art interests me!


How does a normal working day look like for you as an Internal Project Manager? 

My working day as an Internal Project Manager starts with me checking our projects, how we are doing and what needs to be done during the day. Then we start the projects basen on priorities and the time that remains. I also look at project requirements such as labour, necessary information and materials or technology needed to achieve the project’s goals. At the end of the day, I check again how we are doing in the projects and check what is to be done the next day so that no project ends up after the time frame.


Let’s do 3 quick questions with our Internal Project Manager Rabi! 





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HDL’s Internal Project Manager Rabi