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May 3, 2023   /   Marketing

60 days until Google Analytics 4

Good to know before switching to GA4


Google has updated it´s previous version of Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), due to the lack of full compliance with GDPR and Schrems 2. With GA4, it is easier to maintain compliance with these laws.

One of the major concerns with Universal Analytics is where data is stored. Google Analytics 4 addresses this issue by collecting data within Europe based on the visitor’s location. This ensures better data security for website owners. Another security concern with Universal Analytics is the storage of IP numbers. However, Google Analytics 4 anonymizes the data instead of storing IP numbers, making it even more secure.

What happens if I don’t set up GA4 before July 1, 2023?

If the transition does not occur before July 1, no new data will be collected in UA, but historical data will still be available. Comparing new data with previous data will be a big challenge if the installation of GA4 is done too late. There are alternative solutions if you still haven’t upgraded to GA4. For example, you can export the data and process it in other tools. But this can be a complexed and time-consuming process, especially for those who are used to UA’s various data series and time series. That comparison will not be able to be made in GA4.



How does the old UA version differ from the new GA4?

When it comes to analyzing website users, both GA4 and UA serve the same purpose. However, GA4 has a revamped front-end and employs session-based measurement. Despite being more challenging to learn, GA4 is a customizable tool that offers greater flexibility in reporting and dashboard creation, but it can be more challenging to learn.



Important parts to consider when working with GA4

To ensure that GA4 is optimized for your business objectives, it’s crucial to tailor its setup accordingly. While Google provides the basic data setup, users must customize it to suit their specific needs. This involves defining goals and dimensions, selecting tracking types, and managing internal traffic. For e-commerce businesses, incorporating new events is also essential to fully optimize GA4.

Proper GA4 setup is paramount for obtaining meaningful insights. Custom dimensions and metrics unique to your property are crucial in identifying key trends and data points. If this is not done, the data analysis may miss important information.


Get deeper analysis in GA4

Google Analytics enables users to make more precise and tailored analyses, which in turn leads to better and more in-depth decisions. By using data, you can objectively assess whether you are doing right or wrong, instead of just relying on gut feeling. It is crucial to have concrete evidence of what the market is saying. Therefore, it is extremely important to actively collect relevant data.


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60 days until Google Analytics 4