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May 12, 2023   /   Development

Powerful CMS Page Builder för WordPress

Create custom websites with HDL Theme

We are proud to present our latest HDL Theme boiler theme, a powerful CMS Page Builder for WordPress, which gives your project the best conditions to create a great website without affecting the WordPress core. We look forward to making our boilerplate 100% open source in 2023 for everyone to share.

In this blog post, we will explore how the HDL Theme boiler page builder can help you create a custom, high-performance website without impacting the WordPress core. Let’s get started!


HDL Theme boilerplate theme, Page builder för WordPress



HDL Theme is a high-quality CMS page builder for WordPress that provides users with a powerful and flexible platform for creating professional and customized web pages. It is a perfect solution for those who want complete control over their site’s appearance and functionality, without affecting or rebuilding the WordPress core itself.


A WordPress page builder is a type of plugin that allows users to create web pages without having to write code or use a predefined WordPress template. With a page builder, users can easily create a custom layout by dragging and dropping different elements, such as text, images, buttons and forms. Page builders are a popular tool among web designers and developers who want to create a web page that is unique and customized to their needs without having to write the code from scratch. HDL Theme is a combination of templates and modules where we instead focus on letting the customer see exactly what is needed to be able to modify, change and update. Without us requiring any additional plugins or solutions


Create simple WordPress web pages

With HDL Theme, users can quickly and easily create stunning web pages thanks to its intuitive interface and simple user experience. HDL Theme has been designed to be easy to use and gives users complete control over the website’s appearance and content. It also contains a number of customization options, including custom layouts, color schemes, fonts and widgets that, once completed, allow users to update, operate and adapt their website to future needs in terms of layout and content.




HDL Theme is a premium boilerplate for custom websites

HDL Theme has a number of different functions that are available when you install our theme. But like everything tailor-made, it takes a little love, form and design! All our WordPress productions are based on a customized solution with design and functions as needed. We use and develop a boilerplate to facilitate development, and optimize the time and cost involved in a project. Since HDL Theme is open-source, it is independent of HDL for future operation and can be inherited and taken over with clear documentation.


HDL Theme boiler theme, CMS Page builder för WordPress



Easy installation and use of HDL Theme CMS page builder

HDL Theme is easy to install and use, making it a great choice for experienced web developers and beginners alike. In addition, there are a number of user-friendly guides and tutorials that allow users to get started and create great web pages right away.



Develop unique content for your website with a unique page builder

With HDL Theme, users can create pages and content unique to their website and align them with their brand identity. HDL Theme empowers users to create a website that stands out from the crowd and provides an impressive user experience.

HDL Theme is a powerful WordPress theme with built-in CMS builder that gives users complete control over the appearance of their website. It is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a professional and customized website in a simple and intuitive way.

Powerful CMS Page Builder för WordPress