About - Helsingborg Design LAB

About us

Helsingborg Design LAB was developed when we worked at an advertising agency and realised that the time was not always enough

Dedicated support based on cutting-edge advanced knowledge in both front and back-end development is a necessity. UX, UI and design knowledge is the key to success, and this is becoming more and more advanced over time. It is important for Clients to have the right tools and smart applications to be successful in their business.

Helsingborg Design LAB is not like a traditional web and development agency. We don’t want to be just a web or design agency. We finding ourselves more related to LAB and Laboratorium work. We develop, innovate and push the limits in the work we do. Be it work for a larger Company, Agency or a smaller Client. We always try to deliver something special.

Our logo represents two hands forming a connection. Going hand in hand. And this represents our work where we fit into existing companies and businesses.

Where we are going

Each person has the right skills and knowledge with a huge network behind giving us an edge when we need to expand our team. Just three years ago, Helsingborg Design LAB was a fully remote team that later moved into a shed in Viken south of Sweden.

Today we have our office HQ in the heart of Helsingborg Marina with a panoramic view of Denmark.

Our Core Values

We created the HDL international community and we will keep building it

We are open to new internships, meeting new clients and building partners wherever we go!

HDL is not just a company it is a lifestyle and we are happy to welcome you into our way of work.