The story

Design with quality.

Developed in style!

Helsingborg Design LAB is a result of creative minds that felt there is a need for dedicated service for design, development and support service for existing advertisement and design companies. We take care of the technical stuff and assist with pixel perfect design and responsive layouts across all plattforms.

We found out from past experience that agencies should focus on what they are best at. In many cases it is design and sales with customer service to retain a happy customer. To match this in reality, there is a need for fast support from developers where the knowledge of codes and functions is outsourced. Long term sustainability of a website is depending on the knowledge of many things such as hosting, databases, various coding languages and functionality on various plattforms. All this knowledge is very rare to be found at an advertising agency and by such time consuming and costly to manage.

Having a team of 12 full stack developers working around the clock makes the difference. Timely delivery, fast problem solving and full support when needed most. This is key to critical path analysis where every aspect of the website management is catered for.

Pierre Grönberg
Founder Helsingborg Design LAB

Are you a design/Web agency?

Are you design or web agency? Helsingborg Design LAB is here to help. Do you keep turning down clients because you don't have the in-house talent?

We help Small to big sized agencies from all over Sweden where they rely on us every day to get the job done. From custom WordPress plugins to broad and complex projects - our certified developers get the job done. On time, every time. Without a glitch.

We offer when a project:
- comes at a time you are fully engaged
- demands specific knowledge your team doesn’t possess
- is not challenging enough but you still want it done