Blockchain Software Development

Whether you want to develop peer-to-peer decentralized applications, enterprise dApps or self-executing smart contracts

Helsingborg Design LAB is a team of crypto and blockchain/DEFI nerds and visionaries. We always try to push the envelope of new technology and therefore expanding our skills and services into the future with Blockchain and “Trustless” security

The HDL Blockchain development team use the following services on a daily basis: Hyperledger, Ethereum, IPFS, Filecoin, MongoDB

A few things we can do for your business.

dApps Development

From the idea to reality. We help you scope the resources needed, set up a development plan and start development with close collaboration with you as a client. Our blockchain developers can build enterprise-grade decentralised software and applications

Blockchain & Technology Consulting

Do you have an idea that you don’t know how to get started? With our Blockchain and Technology Consulting, we help you get started.

Private/Public Blockchain Development

Are you in the need of a Private custom Blockchain or are you looking to run on a public blockchain? Helsingborg Design LAB have extensive skills in both areas.

Blockchain Supply Chain Development

With Smart Contract Development we can build Supply Chain databases for escrow payments, shipping, product logging and logistics.

What Helsingborg Design LAB can do for you as a company.

If your project is time-sensitive or has a lowish budget? Don’t worry we can together scope the project to fit your budget and offer you a fantastic project

With our technically advanced project manager and success team, we will push our boundary to offer you the right feel and touch whether it is a Website, System, Application or design

Working with Helsingborg Design LAB is easy, exciting and gives you as the client a win-win opportunity!

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