HDL’s React Developer Rodin

Let us present HDL’s React Developer Rodin! His main tasks is designing and implementing user-friendly functions for websites and applications. Everyday looks different for HDL’s React Developer Rodin, so keep reading the interview to read more about his work!

HDL's React Developer Rodin


Hey Rodin! What’s your titel here at HDL and what is your main tasks? 

My titel here at HDL is React Developer, which means that I design and implement user-friendly functions for websites and applications by using React.js. My main tasks are Scrum, which in short is a methodology for system development that is used all over the world. An advantage of Scrum is the focus on business benefits and the opportunity to change the project in a structured way. In Scrum, there is not a classic requirements specification, but instead you have a backlog, which is a prioritized and living list of wishes.

So in other words, I have responsibility for our Scrum and decide what is prioritized to do and which projects we should focus more on, depending on deadlines.


How does a normal working day look like for you as an React Developer here at HDL? 

It depends, no day is the other alike. Sometimes there is very much to do which is fun and other days is more calm and not so much to do. But on a normal day, I go through our projects and check what needs to be done and set priorities for our team on the things that need to be prioritized.


Tell us a little about yourself, who are you and what do you do on your free time? 

I’m a very creative person who likes to explore different things. I’m also a quick learner and likes to learn new stuff all the time to develop. On my free time I like to play games!


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HDL’s Administrative Secretary Michelle!

Let us introduce HDL’s Administrative Secretary Michelle! Her main focus is order management, content to social medias and accounting.

Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Michelle and what do you do on your free time? 

I’m a positive, happy and social girl of 21 year from Helsingborg. I graduated from high school 2019 and quickly started working for Sunread/Helsingborg Design LAB where I worked for almost two years before I started my bachelor’s degree in the beginning of 2022 in Stockholm. With a lot of focus on the study and school, I try to work as much as possible.

On my free time when I don’t have so much to study, I like to go home from the big city to beautiful Helsingborg to see friends, family and get some work done. I like to go on long walks, train and do fun things in my everyday life like eat at new restaurants for example. I’m also very interested in Formula 1 so I spend a lot of time on that too. I’ve always been a creative girl and I have had a blog since young age that I blog about fashion and my everyday life. I spend some time on social medias too where I find a lot of inspiration.


How does a normal day at work look like for you as HDL’s Administrative Secretary?

My working days are never the same. During the high season, there is a lot of focus on product and order management, which can be quite hectic but at the same time very fun. Other days can consist product and model photography for content but also to our site. Other standard tastes are updating och instagram and accounting.


Let’s do three quick questions with our Administrative Secretary Michelle!

Home evening/night out? – Hmm, difficult question! Would say that it depends on the season.. now I would probably say night out!

Sun holiday/ski holiday? – Sun holiday!


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HDL’s Project Coordinator Anna

Meet HDL’s project coordinator Anna, which focuses on web design and development. Anna started here at HDL under 2020 after a degree in Online Marketing at Medieinstitutet in Malmö.


HDL's project coordinator Anna

Tell us a little about yourself, who is Anna and what do you do on your free time? 

I’m a positive and driven girl of 24 years who loves to work and develop. In December 2020 I took my degree in Online Marketing and then I started my journey here att Helsingborg Design LAB. Before that I’ve mostly worked as a visual merchandiser and been in to fashion and trends. But I felt that I needed a change and when I got a view in the digital world was it easy choice for me to make.

After my internship here at HDL I quickly realised that WordPress and Websites is something I really like to do and think is fun, which resulted in me putting marketing aside a bit to focus on developing in project management and web development. This role really suits me, I always longing for my workspace and when you have that feeling you know that you found the right place.

I really enjoy having a lot of things to do at the same time and I’m grateful for that variation that my work offers me everyday. The fact that the days vary means that I constantly learn new things, both from the developers and also through our various customer project. I’m driven by always being able to develop and challenge myself in different situations.

On my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends, I also spend much of my free time together with my dog Harry! We usually go on long walks in the woods and it’s so nice to be out in the nature. Especially when the spring is finally here and the sun shows more often. I like to play golf as well and have been doing that since I was a kid. So on the summers I spend a lot of time at the golf court together with my partner.

Something I’ve missed now under the pandemic is to travel. I think it’s so fun to travel and get to discover new places around the world. If I got to choose one favourite country to travel to, I have to say Spain. We used to go to Marbella every summer and both the climate and the food there is amazing! I don’t think there is any better food than Spanish tapas!


What do the weeks look like for our Project Coordinator Anna?

The weeks can look very vary from week to week. But a typical week includes usually a lot of customer talks, meetings and follow-ups with both existing customers and new ones. Check how the projects are in terms of development and whether the customer has new wishes that have arisen during the construction of their new website.

I also have daily conversations with our developers where we go through the status for our different project and making plans for our the next day. During certain periods, there may be more focus on our in-house project where I work with marketing for our e-commerce sites. It can be anything from sending out newsletters to ads for SEO. While the second week is more focus on transferring content to new websites. As well as uploading modules in WordPress and securing correction points according to the design from a website that is in a demo, which is then presented to the customer.

I also spend much of my time on support matters who comes to us on HDL by email or phone, makes sure that these points are fixed as son as possible and assigns our developers if there isn’t something I can fix by myself.

I often have a lot of things to do at the same time, so one of the most important things with my role Is to have a well-structured plan for the work both long-term and short-term, regardless of whether it comes to customer projects or advertising results. There are many deadlines to take into account at different levels, so you need to be stress-resistant and have a good focus at work!


Let’s do three quick questions with HDL’s Project Coordinator Anna!


Night person/Morning person



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HDL’s Graphic Designer Amanda!

Meet HDL’s Graphic Designer Amanda! She started here in 2020 and she’s really sharp on Graphic Design. Her main task is to design cool stuff for both our in-house project but also to our customers.

HDL's Graphic Designer

Tell us a little about yourself, who are you? 

It’s incredibly difficult to describe myself, but if I make an attempt to sum up myself, I would say that I am a very creative person. I love creating, and when I don’t have anything to do I become incredibly impatient, it’s like I get a creative abstinence. I do everything from graphic design and digital 3D art to ceramics and macramé.


I would also describe myself as kinda nerdy, because once I get into stuff I do them fully. I love to dig myself down in stuff that interests me as much as possible.


I think most areas of Design are incredibly fun and exciting, but a specifik area that I have realized is more fun than I first thought since I started my internship and started working here at HDL, is web design. Right now I’m doing my degree project in Digital Design, where I chose to write about web design and more specific how different types of menus and navigation design can affect user experience at a website.


I have many different creative hobbies that I do on my spare time, that I mentioned before. But except for that I also train a lot of dance and I have also started to take up my interest in game programming again. Then of course I cuddle a lot with my cat! ❤️


What does a normal day at work look like for you? 

What I do is very different from project to project, sometimes I design logotypes and icons, and sometimes a whole website. So my “normal” days at work can be very different from each other. I think it’s incredibly fun and rewarding to be a part of so many different projects and I love that my job is very interchangeable.


Let’s do 3 quick questions!

Sunholiday/Skiing holiday?

– Sunholiday! (I’ve never been skiing, and I’m terrified to do so)

Morning person/Night person?

– Night person


– Pizza!!


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A year in review!

What a year it has been! Helsingborg Design LAB has been pushing past the Covid Pandemic and here we are 2022 and we cant be happier without success! With this post, the founds want to thank everyone in the team, all our clients and we are looking forward to making 2022 the best year so far!